Dear Me

By Jalexus McClendon

Listen to ” Dear Me”

Dear Me,

First let me start by saying that I love you and it is because I love you that I must be honest with you. I watch you encourage others, constantly pouring into them but I don’t want you to neglect you. You often pride yourself on the love you have for others and letting them know how much God loves them. I don’t want you to forget that the same applies for you. The Creator of the universe also created you. He loves you so much, that He gave His life for you!

I want you to let go! Let go of anything holding you back from what God has for you. Yes you’ve been through alot and its only by the grace of God that you made it. Lay down any unforgiveness or bitterness that was a result of betrayal and hurt from those you trusted most.

Get past your past! You can’t undo what happen to you but you can choose to grow from the experience no matter how negative it may have been. God works all things for your good and ultimately your growth. Be grateful for the lessons that you have learned, and the person you have become. You have learned that your feelings and emotions lie, but God does not. If God said it, it shall be so. His promises to you shall come to pass.

You don’t look like what you been through because you are no longer the same you. Your identity has been made new in Christ. Your happiness does not, should not, and will not depend on other people as the source. The old you lacked confidence and courage, but the new you has eternal security found in Christ. The old you demanded attention but deserved none. You moved from people pleasing being your sole mission to serving people with the mission of pointing them to Jesus.

You’ve come to the realization that God is the only one who can tell you what you were created to do and what you are capable of doing. The voices of the naysayers, doubters, and dream killers in your life have been silenced and overpowered by the promises of God that say you will prosper and succeed. You are not average or mediocre, but you are destined for greatness.

In the moments you get off course, wrapped up in affairs of the world, or you feel that you are losing your Heavenly perspective, I ask that you be gracious to yourself but don’t stay there! Repent, forgive yourself, and ask God to reveal any areas that you have not yet fully surrendered to Him.

Choose to walk in obedience to what God says. When He commands you to get out of the boat, and walk on water, you must move immediately. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. When you accept fear as a response and choose to stay in the boat, you will become stagnant and stunt your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental growth. Obedience to God’s Word is key to you experiencing the supernatural. Staying still or going backwards are not options.

You will not fulfill your God-given purpose and calling within the limitations of your comfort zone. Break-up with the old you, and anyone or anything that doesn’t contribute to who God has purposed you to be. Walking in newness of life doesn’t gurantee that you will be perfect or sinless but that you will choose to be led by the Spirit and not give into the cycles of sin fueled by the desires of your flesh.

The future you is dependent on the choices you make now. Generations to come will be affected by the choices you make now. There are many lives that have yet to be impacted and positively influenced by your obedience to God. I want you to know that no matter the accomplishment, nor the setback, I will always be proud of you. You are called to live a life that is set apart for God, and He will empower you to be the best version of you for His Glory.

Me ❤️

My prayer is that the intimate one on one conversation with myself resonated with you in some way. Rather it be the encouragement to give yourself credit for how far you have come on your Christian journey, the reminder to be gracious to yourself, or the support to keep moving ahead. May you continue to have faith in God and His ability to guide you and walk beside you always 🙏🏽

2 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. Girlfriend when you stated, ” I watch you encourage others, constantly pouring into them but I don’t want you to neglect you.” 👏🏾That was echoing to me! Soo true and soo needed! We still need the best version of ourselves showing up in the daily’s 🥰

    💎 The future you is dependent on the choices you make now ”

    Well Spoken👏🏾

    What a sincere, encouraging and beautiful read. 💕 I definitely can resonate with this. Thank You for pouring out from the fullness of You in God and being obedient. 🤗❤️🙏🏾


  2. I love this so much. I think I needed to hear this for myself. Just the reminder that I matter to me just as much as I matter to everyone else…I’ve considered it but like never considered it at the same time. Definitely spoke to the spirit in this one—probably one of my top 5 favs of all entires so far. ❤️


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