Blurry Vision

By Casey Cassady Can I be honest with you? Lately, my life has had its frustrations.  I have been feeling as though I would be happier if some things in my life were different. When I allow it to, that feeling activates a flood of thoughts regarding some regrets I have, and how I amContinue reading “Blurry Vision”

Lord Help Me, I am OFFENDED!

Offenses. Okay, now this a topic that is all too relevant in today’s society. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we live in an overly sensitive era, however, we do live in a time where the words you use, the way you express yourself, or the way you live your life is readilyContinue reading “Lord Help Me, I am OFFENDED!”

What’s That in Your Hand?

Even after God reassures Moses that He will be with him, Moses continues with his complaints about how incapable he is to do it. In response to Moses’ self-deprecating comments, God asks him, “what’s that in your hand? (Exodus 4:2). And Moses responds with “a rod”.

God, Can You Hear Me?

By Casey Cassady The beginning of my relationship with God led me through a season of discovering how to communicate with Him. I can recall so many moments of praying and telling God, “Speak to me and teach me something new.” Although reading and becoming familiar with the Bible is a very crucial way toContinue reading “God, Can You Hear Me?”

The Power of Prayer

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: this is going to be a long blog about me telling you to pray more… Well, not so! Instead of me telling you to pray more, I’m going to encourage you to maintain an open line of communication with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- not just because HeContinue reading “The Power of Prayer”

Prioritizing God’s Presence

by Jalexus McClendon We may often find ourselves with a list of tasks to complete, but say we must “make the time” to complete them. Last I check, each passing day has the same guaranteed twenty four hours in it. It’s not really a matter of making time but rather prioritizing the time that weContinue reading “Prioritizing God’s Presence”