Steady My Heart

Brittany Vasquez When I was burdened with worries, you comforted me and made me feel secure. Psalms 94:19 CEV This is a writing of encouragement. A word of reminder. Reminding you to take courage, being strengthened and alert in your heart. We have a Sovereign God. One who holds power and authority as King andContinue reading “Steady My Heart”

Identity: A Poetical Perspective

By Casey Cassady I will no longer be looked at as an object, but rather as a woman of God with a lot to object.  The things of this world seek to manipulate our minds into believing that certain things are okay – and that’s just not okay. The Apostle Paul speaks on how, as believersContinue reading “Identity: A Poetical Perspective”

Adopting the Mind of God

By Adrienne Reece Divorce, suicidal ideations, anger, rage, wishing death on another, helplessness in parenting with growing and grown children, negative medical diagnosis, surgery, and financial overwhelm, have all been just a few of the subjects on the other side of my phone in the last month. Without hesitation I can say that each of these phoneContinue reading “Adopting the Mind of God”