Our Team

Adrienne Reece is wife to Malcolm and mother to Malachi. She is a writer, ordained minister, and full time entrepreneur with a passion to see the body of Christ become healthy, whole, and prosperous. Adrienne and her husband recently became 100% debt free by paying off over $200k of their consumer debt during the pandemic. Since then, Adrienne has begun teaching others how they can regain control of their money and create a prosperous future for themselves, regardless of age or demographic. Adrienne is passionate about educating her community on achieving new levels of financial and physical fitness. Adrienne served in the U.S. Air Force for just over 13 years. Upon getting out of the Air Force, Adrienne went on to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership just 3 weeks shy of having her son Malachi. As she adjusted to motherhood, God entrusted she and her husband to build and lead a Youth ministry from the ground up. Following the reign of that youth ministry, Adrienne entered into what she refers to as “one of the darkest seasons of her life”. She made a pact with God, that if He would allow her to receive full compensation from her military occupation, that she would fully walk in her Heavenly vocation.  He has since come through on her request. Now, it is her life’s pursuit to come through on His.

You can find Adrienne on Instagram and Youtube

Brittany Vasquez is unapologetically a follower and lover of Jesus Christ who loves the truth of God’s word revealed through pure teaching and understanding. She is committed to living a life devoted to knowing God’s love in its authenticity and sharing with others given the sphere of influence surrounding her. Brittany is a wife who serves alongside her husband as lead children’s pastors at their local church. She is determined to encourage and inspire friends, family, and community regarding the goodness of God as she continuously comes to know Him. You can follow Brittany on Instagram.

Carmen Williams is the creator and content curator for The Praying Millennial Blog- a virtual space in which she shares her personal experiences and prayers in hopes of stirring up her readers’ faith in Jesus. She is Tennessee native and an active registered nurse by trade. While in college, Carmen made a conscious decision to follow Jesus and make Him her Lord and Savior. Ever since, her mission has been to spread the Gospel of Jesus through her daily life’s actions and her interactions with people. She has one sibling- a twin sister- and loves exercising or playing the guitar in her spare time. You can follow her personal Instagram, her professional page on Instagram @ThePrayingMillennial, or at www.ThePrayingMillennial.wordpress.com.  

Casey Cassady is an Administrative Specialist in the medical field, the Author to a Christian, women-focused book called “Chain-ged”, and is graduating soon with her master’s degree in Christian Ministry. Casey began an intimate relationship with Christ when she moved to Sacramento, CA in 2016 where she found herself passionate about her newfound understanding of our Father’s agape love, and a calling toward ministry. She quickly became involved and served in several different ministries, such as Young Adults, Evangelism, Deliverance, Prophetic, and Women’s Ministry. She is passionate about her gift of Christian writing – in both forms of non-fiction and poetry. She is honored to be a writer for Peculiar in a Popular Place and prays that her pieces can reflect a woman with a relatable story, who God can use to allow readers to find hope, healing, and wholeness in Christ. Connect and contact Casey on Link Tree.

Jalexus McClendon is the creator of the blog “Peculiar in a Popular Place”. She is a mother of two children and currently serves as a social worker in her local community. Jalexus is an ordained minister and truly considers it her reasonable service to avail herself to be used by God. She desires to live a life full of experiences that are for her growth, other’s gain, and always for God’s glory. Jalexus believes that life is not meant to go through alone and is dedicated to encouraging other believers to lean in to community and the accountability that it offers. As the visionary for this blog, Jalexus has humbly answered the call from God to create this space and is honored to do so with a team of Kingdom minded individuals. She is grateful in advance for the souls that will be saved, the backsliders that will return, and the lives that will be positively impacted through this blog. You can follow her on Instagram.

Rachael Renee is the CEO of her own clothing brand Eximious Co. She’s a full-time student and a ballerina, she has received multiple merit awards from the Royal Academy of Ballet. Rachael has a passion for writing and reaching people, specifically young people. As a teenager herself, Rachel doesn’t shy away from living a life of faith out in loud in words and action. Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior. Her purpose for writing on the blog is to grow closer to God and let Him work through her to inspire the youth. She uses her insight and creativity in her writings to inspire the change she wants to see in the world. You can follow her on Instagram.