/shift/ Sisters, I am in a season of shifting. I appreciate this word because it encompasses what I, and maybe many of you, are experiencing as well. It is the idea of transferring without completely “changing” into something entirely different. In other words, I am actively yet carefully moving and growing into something better. AContinue reading “Shift.”

Bearing God’s Image in Marriage

By Brittany Vasquez On March 4th through March 6th of 2022, my husband and I had the privilege of going to a couples retreat amongst the company of friends. It also happened to be the weekend of my birthday and our stay happened to be at the beach, which I also really enjoy going to.Continue reading “Bearing God’s Image in Marriage”

Faith Goals For Your Family

by Adrienne Reece This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. It’s both surreal and rejuvenating to think about the past six years. I’ve grown, he’s grown and we’ve grown. Times like these always lead us back to reflecting on the past as well as envisioning and goal setting for theContinue reading “Faith Goals For Your Family”