Patient Parenting

by Jalexus McClendon I have come to recognize that I am the type of person that loves order and structure! This in and of itself is not a terrible thing until things begin to get chaotic. As a mother of two, I am no stranger to the sometimes very chaotic moments that come with livingContinue reading “Patient Parenting”

It’s Time for a Digital Detox

By Adrienne Reece Funny story: My husband was recently sharing with me about something that he had been praying for. He told me that in the midst of his prayers, that he heard God answer him speedily. To be transparent and give context, he was asking God why I wasn’t doing something he wanted meContinue reading “It’s Time for a Digital Detox”

Embracing Unexpected Blessings

by Casey Cassady Moving to a new city several years ago greatly ignited a new level of my relationship with God.  Being able to feel such an overwhelming intensity of love from Him and for Him was something I had never experienced in my previous 20+ years of salvation. For the first time in myContinue reading “Embracing Unexpected Blessings”

Faith Goals For Your Family

by Adrienne Reece This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. It’s both surreal and rejuvenating to think about the past six years. I’ve grown, he’s grown and we’ve grown. Times like these always lead us back to reflecting on the past as well as envisioning and goal setting for theContinue reading “Faith Goals For Your Family”