Blurry Vision

By Casey Cassady Can I be honest with you? Lately, my life has had its frustrations.  I have been feeling as though I would be happier if some things in my life were different. When I allow it to, that feeling activates a flood of thoughts regarding some regrets I have, and how I amContinue reading “Blurry Vision”

Beautifully Broken

by Jalexus McClendon I found myself recently facing disappointment. I found myself not getting the desired outcome of a situation. What I thought was suppose to be something was now nothing and I found myself in a state of brokenness. I found myself questioning the pain of it all and taking full blame for it.Continue reading “Beautifully Broken”

It’s Time for a Digital Detox

By Adrienne Reece Funny story: My husband was recently sharing with me about something that he had been praying for. He told me that in the midst of his prayers, that he heard God answer him speedily. To be transparent and give context, he was asking God why I wasn’t doing something he wanted meContinue reading “It’s Time for a Digital Detox”

Disconnecting from Anxiety & Depression

By Adrienne Reece The recent Uvalde school shooting was and still is a devastation and tragedy. So calculated, yet so unexpected. They were students, teachers, brothers, sisters, wives and mothers. They were sons and daughters. The shooter killed 21 innocent people that day but he took the lives of way more. The family members ofContinue reading “Disconnecting from Anxiety & Depression”