Identity: A Poetical Perspective

By Casey Cassady

I will no longer be looked at as an object, but rather as a woman of God with a lot to object. 

The things of this world seek to manipulate our minds into believing that certain things are okay – and that’s just not okay. The Apostle Paul speaks on how, as believers of Christ, we are justified by grace through faith (Romans 3:22 – 24). However, he also emphasizes that the love of God should be the foundation of obedience, rather than sinning and having a reason to lose one’s own way.

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves this:

Who am I living for? Others, or God?
What leads my actions and what stems my thoughts? 
Whose power do I seek to be rooted in?
Whose voice do I find myself tuned into the most?
What Truth determines my freedom?
Am I led by the Holy Ghost?

I will no longer be looked at as an opportunity to be taken advantage of;
but as a woman who takes advantage of the gifts that God has given me.

It is with these that we can move forward in His wisdom, discernment, strength, and peace. Because at any time to any length, the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). We must be prepared for our battles, break free from our shackles, and follow the footprints of Jesus – His story, His Word, and His ways.  His testimony has paved the paths of eternity that we are bound to experience. And alongside His Word, it gives us an example of how we must take our Christianity serious. We must not be affected by those who may think we are delirious. They do not know what they do (Luke 23:34), and the life that we are living in never a game.

I will never again be looked at as someone who is blind to what God is doing; but as someone who testifies to His goodness – regardless of my “when?”, “why?”, and “who?”-ing.  

Because Satan is full of mindsets dressed in ribbons and bows.  But the only name we need to know is Jesus.  As we begin to grow, we can better handle the lows, and show others His glow.  Further, we can then become the best version of ourselves through the season.

I will never again be looked at as a hypocritical Christian, but as a woman who knows that perfection is unobtainable.

We must understand that God the Father has designed us with intention, with purpose, and even with flaws so that our walks with Him may somehow be sustainable. Yet, despite everything we’ve had to learn, and everything we won’t get right, we are, IN CHRIST, “called to be Holy and without fault in His sight” (Ephesians 1:4). This is because He is a perfect God whose death on a cross, is always enough to carry us all through the times we feel lost.  If there is ever a day we wake up and are not aware of where we are, we must fight toward His light despite what’s at stake; despite all the scars.

I leave you with this my dear sister in Christ: What adjustments and decisions are you willing to make in your life so that with God, you may stand in an upright position? I encourage you to live true to your identity as the Lord guides you and provides you with all that you need. Pray with high expectations and have Faith that God will exceed. Ask Him to show you His love in tangible ways. So that healing can be placed over the parts of yourself that leave you feeling disgraced. Look up toward the sky, smile and show the world your beautiful face. You are a child of God who can win at this life because of His love and His grace.

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